Whatever your editorial needs, my versatile skillset lends itself to a diverse range of content and styles, and as a communicator, I'm comfortable with a wide spectrum of subjects.

So whatever your specialism - whether it's complex climate adaptation strategies or museum accessibility, education policy, food and drink, comedy, film or theatre, content marketing, b2b or b2c, I'd love to help you craft the right words to reach your audience.


As a journalist I have written news, real-life stories and lifestyle features for national agencies and publications ranging from South West News Service and the Bristol Evening Post to The Sun, Reveal, Closer and the Bristol Man magazine.

In terms of technical writing, I have years of experience as Head of Editorial for a research communications agency specialising in transforming technical academic and scientific material into accessible language for a wider audience.

And in the digital space, whether it's tweeting, blogging or writing for web, I am au fait with SEO and tips to enhance the discoverability of my work.


I have edited a huge variety of material, from many hundreds of articles for print and web to highly technical scientific grant applications and pharmaceutical product guides; research impact case studies and conference proceedings to major organisation anniversary reports.

I love the puzzle of editing complex material and bringing clarity and dynamism to it, taking care to avoid dumbing it down. My approach is to interrogate each word and phrase for style, understanding, and logical order, and then follow the intended reader journey to ensure they are not expected to make a leap too far.

project management

Client liaison has been a key, and very enjoyable, part of my role in managing bespoke projects end-to-end, from conception and development of brief, through to sign-off of text and artwork, and engagement with print and distribution contacts as necessary.

I am connected to fantastic designers, illustrators and photographers and can quote for full-service projects to suit your need.


I have a raft of experience in flatplanning, end-to-end magazine production and editorial content strategy, and have seen hundreds of deadlines safely through to completion, from magazine series to annual reports and event programmes, articles and case studies to brochures and pamphlets, flyers and posters.


Comfortable researching and interviewing people by phone and email, my experience dictates that interviews resulting from face-to-face meetings are very often the most successful and enlightening. I'm very happy to offer interview support and advice, or to conduct full interviews as part of your bespoke package.


If the frustrated pedant's glance through most menus tells us anything, proof-reading is an essential yet too-often ignored endeavour. Familiar with proofing as a daily part of my publishing career, I bring a high degree of accuracy to the task, coupled with an eagle-eye to spot lapses in adherence to a style guide.

Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly - they’ll go through anything.
— Aldous Huxley

My client promise

  • No obligation consultation
  • Face-to-face meeting on request
  • Versatile skillset to match your needs
  • Stylish and effective copy
  • Delivery to brief, and on deadline
  • Competitive rates
  • A friendly and approachable manner
  • Attention to detail
  • Great communication
  • Flexibility